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Event: Crew 2319 Trivia Night
When: Thursday, April 28th 6:30pm-8:30pm
Where: Marietta Square Market, 68 North Marietta Pkwy NW, Marietta, GA 30060, USA
Other Info: Marietta Square Market has tons of food and dessert options, Trivia officially starts at 7:00pm with team check in and rules starting at 6:45pm, therefore, it is good for everyone to try and arrive by 6:30pm to give yourself time to figure out what food you want and get it ordered before the Trivia Competition Starts. If we have enough people, we can even split and field multiple Crew 2319 Teams!
Event: Crew 2319 Game Night
When: Wednesday, May 11th or Thursday May 12th
Where: TBD
Sign Up: Sign up will come out once the activity and date are fully finalized.
Other Info: As many of you will be busy with final projects and studying for final exams, this is currently scheduled to be just an easy/relaxed night to take a breather. We’re currently looking into it being a game night, potentially at Unity North Atlanta or the Vintage Arcade, or perhaps we’ll splurge and shift this to be a Go Karts & Mini Golf Night at Mountasia? As it gets closer, we will poll everyone in Group Me to get a preference!
Event: Crew 2319 Tubing, Big Foot, & Pie
When: Thursday, May 26th about 10am-3pm(ish)
Where: Ellijay and/or Blue Ridge
Other Info: The plan for the day would be to meet up in the morning at a Dunkin Donuts or Starbucks or something, once everyone arrived, we would head up to EXPEDITION:BIGFOOT! The Sasquatch Museum ($8 per person), spend their recommend 1hrs-1.5hrs exploring the ‘museum’, have some lunch in either Ellijay or Blue Ridge (or we could bring our own lunch and picnic), then a few hours of tubing on either the Cartecay River or the Toccoa River (<$15 per person), end the day with a stop at an orchard for fresh personal sized pies. Because this even involves water, we WILL need everyone to provide a copy of a BSA Swim Check from within the past 12months. If you’re in Troop 2319 and have already done your swim check with the troop for the year, you should be good as I will get copies from them. If you’re troop doesn’t do swim checks prior to summer camp, that’s ok, please sign up for the event anyways and let me know and we will find a way for you to get swim checked before we leave.
Additional Notes: To attend this event, every attendee (youth & adult) must have completed a BSA Swim Check within the last year and have the paperwork for it. If you have done a swim check with Troop 2319 this year, you are covered. For everyone else, BSA Swim Checks only take a few minutes and can generally be done at YMCA’s or, if you’re in the area Mountain View Aquatics Center does them for a very small fee. Be sure to call ahead to find out when they will be offering them and bring a copy of the BSA Swim Check Form. Additionally, as this activity is more of an adventure, it is open to registered crew members only (which keeps us covered under BSA Insurance), unlike our Crew Movie Night, upcoming Trivia Night, etc. all attendees under 21 must be registered in the crew and cannot simply show up as a guest. If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out ASAP
Other Important Stuff:
Crew Activity

Project Escape: The Results

We went, we tried, and some of us conquered our rooms, but all had fun. This past weekend, we met up at Project Escape in Marietta to run their Knight’s Quest & Planet Express Rooms!

Knight’s Quest was a challenging room that required us to work together to recover the hidden forbidden relics. The room was a little slow until we found our first puzzle but speed up rapidly after that. We definitely used some of our hints along the way and escaped the relics just in time!

Planet Express was equally challenging with at least one of the puzzles really requiring some pretty sharp eyesight. There was one puzzle that unfortunately hadn’t been checked before we started and it required the staff to come into the room to fix without time being stopped, so that was a little bit of a bummer. We were unfortunately on our final puzzle when time ran out and feel like we could have escaped without the technical issue.

Overall, everyone still seemed to have a lot of fun, the rooms felt well designed and decorated, though there were a lot of “do not touch” stickers in Knight’s Quest.

Crew Activity

Project Escape

We’ve got one more great activity on the schedule for this month. We will be heading down to Project Escape this Sunday to run a couple escape rooms! Sign up is required, please see the information below:

Project Escape
Date: April 27th, 2022
Time: 4:45pm-6:00pm
Location: Project Escape in Marietta
Cost: ~$28
Sign Up: REQUIRED; escape rooms have limited capacity, if you don’t sign up, there will not be space for you

Crew Activity

Escape the Cells

When: Wed., Feb. 9th at 7:15pm (75 minute room; arrive by 7pm)
Room: The Cells
Sign Up: Required – 
Cost: About $25 (depends on number of participants)

The Cells


Our most popular room not only features many, many unique puzzles specially crafted for this room and several surprise twists that will make for a very unique experience, but it’s also both our largest room and the largest Escape Room in the Metro Atlanta area. At 1220+ sq. ft., this room has the space necessary for larger groups and a more complex set of puzzles to solve.
Time Limit: 75 minutes
Difficulty: 7/10
Group Size: Min: 2 / Max: 12
Crew Activity

Trivia Night!

As we get into the new year, we are looking at having another Crew Trivia Night! This one will be at Marietta Square Market! if you’ve never been there before, there’s over a dozen different places to get food from as well as an ice cream shop. See the full list here:

Trivia officially starts at 7pm and depending on how many people we have show up, we may need to coordinate teams. At this location, masks are currently not required but encouraged indoors. You can get food and eat during the trivia session, but if you’d prefer, you can also arrive a little early, get food, and eat outside on their heated porch and then come inside for just the trivia contest.

No sign up required, just show up and look for the group!