2023-10: Axe Throwing

It may have been a last minute adjustment, but we had an awesome day throwing axes! After a few warm up throws, we split into to some… interesting teams including First to Raise Their Hands v. Others and then Waldrops + Max v. Everyone Else for a few competitive rounds. We even had a few duels with to determine the best Waldrop, the most Holden Holden, the most accurate Maggie, and of course, the ultimate sasquatch. And of course, we spent a good amount of time discussing the merits of sandwich press technology. Overall, it was a pretty great afternoon!

Hope to see everyone at the VOA Cookoff next Sunday, you can come and cheer on our teams even if you aren’t cooking on a team yourself!

Photo Album: https://photos.app.goo.gl/2q8A5noAQw2m7e217