Why would I want to join the crew?
Because bored isn’t in our vocabulary. Because we have fun. Because we seek out exciting experiences in the wild… and around the corner. Because we stretch ourselves and learn what it is like to be a leader and to be part of a team.

What is Venturing?
Venturing is a young adult development program of the Boy Scouts of America for young men and women who are at least 14 (or have completed the eighth grade) through 20 years of age. A venture crew is a fun-filled, co-ed organization that is run, organized and executed by teens, for teens. The program is flexible and designed to develop leadership and teamwork through outdoor adventures and unique outings and activities.

What is the Crew age range?
Young men and women who are at least 14 (or have completed the eight grade), but are not yet 21 years old.

How does Venturing work to develop young adults?
The Venturing program facilitates the growth and development of young adults through emphasis on four main areas known as the A-L-P-S model: Adventure – Mentoring, leading, and participating in crew-led adventures. Leadership – Ongoing leadership development through training, mentoring, and hands-on leadership. Personal Growth – Goal-setting in support of personal growth. Service – Leading and participating in community service.

I never liked scouts, so why should I join a crew?
The crew experience is completely different. A crew maintains a flexible, less structured environment where crew members (young men and women aged 14-20) decide on the activities and outings. The crew plans and executes the adventures with adult leaders serving as advisors. Many crew members were never Boy Scouts!

Is a Venture Crew just another name for a Boy Scout Troop?
No. Venturing is an independent program offered through the Boy Scouts of America and is delivered through crews, a unit made up of older youth and adult advisors.

I’m busy. How will this fit in my schedule?
We know you are busy, so we only meet once a month. We utilize digital apps like GroupMe and Google Suite to stay in touch and plan activities virtually, based on crew members schedules. We only do a few outings / year. We meet less and DO more.

When and where do you meet?
Unity North Church in the Chapel. 4255 Sandy Plains Road, Marietta, GA 30066

Do I have to do the rank advancement thing?
No. The Venturing program does have rank advancement, but each crew member decides if rank is something they want to pursue.

Do I have to wear a Scout uniform?
No. We have a crew t-shirt. If you plan to participate in certain council, district or national programs, the formal green venture shirt would be required as part of your Class A uniform. This is not required for crew meetings, activities or outings.

Can a scout continue working towards his/her top rank (E.g. Eagle) continue to do so as a Venturer?
Yes. A Boy Scout who has earned 1st Class or higher can continue to work on rank advancement and merit badges within the Crew. Crew members can also be members of multiple units (E.g. Troops, etc.).

What does it cost to join the crew?
An annual crew due is required to cover the cost of the annual BSA recharter fee and a few other crew administrative costs. Activities and outings will have separate costs that only apply to those who participate. The Crew Advisor can go through the details with you during a Crew Meeting. Arrangements can be made if the dues cause a financial hardship. We want all interested individuals to have the opportunity to be part of the crew.

If you are already registered with another BSA unit, there is no additional charter fee, so your dues will be prorated.

Is Venturing Safe?
Yes. Programs are designed to follow a strict set of rules and policies that can be found in the Guide to Safe Scouting. Every registered adult in Scouting is required to complete a Youth Protection training course and a criminal background check. For more information, visit the Youth Protection page.