Crew Activity

Escape the Cells

When: Wed., Feb. 9th at 7:15pm (75 minute room; arrive by 7pm)
Room: The Cells
Sign Up: Required – 
Cost: About $25 (depends on number of participants)

The Cells


Our most popular room not only features many, many unique puzzles specially crafted for this room and several surprise twists that will make for a very unique experience, but it’s also both our largest room and the largest Escape Room in the Metro Atlanta area. At 1220+ sq. ft., this room has the space necessary for larger groups and a more complex set of puzzles to solve.
Time Limit: 75 minutes
Difficulty: 7/10
Group Size: Min: 2 / Max: 12
Crew Activity

Trivia Night!

As we get into the new year, we are looking at having another Crew Trivia Night! This one will be at Marietta Square Market! if you’ve never been there before, there’s over a dozen different places to get food from as well as an ice cream shop. See the full list here:

Trivia officially starts at 7pm and depending on how many people we have show up, we may need to coordinate teams. At this location, masks are currently not required but encouraged indoors. You can get food and eat during the trivia session, but if you’d prefer, you can also arrive a little early, get food, and eat outside on their heated porch and then come inside for just the trivia contest.

No sign up required, just show up and look for the group!

Crew Activity

Escape Room Night!

Crew 2319 had an awesome time at The Escapery last night tackling the Le Feu room! It’s themed after a Paris theater that’s burning down while its occupants desperately search for a hidden escape. There’s no easy way of putting this.. but well.. we didn’t make it in time. But we still had a blast and will surely be back at other rooms in the future!

Crew News


We have re-opened our new SquadLocker Store! SquadLocker can be a great place to get more unique gear that we won’t be able to provide via bulk orders. All gear is either screen printed or embroidered upon order and then shipped directly to you. The upside of SquadLocker is that you can get awesome custom gear, the downside is the prices are a little high and the shipping times can take a few weeks.
As a heads up, we will also be doing a bulk order of standard purple t-shirts with our logo in the next few weeks, so if a normal shirt is all you’re after fill out this Google Form to let us know sizing and how many you want! We expect the bulk shirt pricing to be about $10-15 per shirt and will confirm your choices before placing the final order. We expect to place the order in mid-October.

Crew News

Crew Stuff

Woot! We have new stuff to promote our crew! Heads up, we will be handing out some water bottle stickers and car magnets at our crew game night, sign up so you don’t miss out.

Crew Activity

Urban Escape: Combat On The High Seas

Our next Crew 2319 Event will be another escape room, this time we will be split into two groups and race against each other! The Pirates vs The British Navy. Our fearless Crew Adviser took command and lead the British Navy against his mutinous Committee Chair who lead a band of pirates. First to the gold is the winner!

Crew Activity

The Escapery!

As the first of Crew 2319’s re-activation activities, we will hit up The Escapery and run a few escape rooms to work on our team building skills.

Silo 601

A Secret Agent has been lost behind enemy lines, and his last transmission revealed that a nuclear missile, aimed at YOUR HOME TOWN, is set to launch in one hour! It’s up to you to infiltrate the facility, locate the missing agent, and finish what he started before time runs out.


Destiny Origins

A decade before Professor Pierre Freeman took possession of the artifact box containing the fabled Spear of Destiny, he was the Lead Archaeologist on a dig site in Istanbul, Turkey… searching for the sculpted reliefs that might allow him to open it.


Crew Activity

Winter Campout

The Crew decided to join the Order of the Arrow Kennesaw Chapter for a winter camp out at the Lake Allatoona Aquatics Base. While it was cold, a good time was had by all as we enjoyed lots of time by the fire, worked on wilderness survival skills, and cleaned up trash along the shore line. Sunday morning was beautiful and crisp, as the sun came up over the water. A great end to a great trip.