Project Escape: The Results

We went, we tried, and some of us conquered our rooms, but all had fun. This past weekend, we met up at Project Escape in Marietta to run their Knight’s Quest & Planet Express Rooms!

Knight’s Quest was a challenging room that required us to work together to recover the hidden forbidden relics. The room was a little slow until we found our first puzzle but speed up rapidly after that. We definitely used some of our hints along the way and escaped the relics just in time!

Planet Express was equally challenging with at least one of the puzzles really requiring some pretty sharp eyesight. There was one puzzle that unfortunately hadn’t been checked before we started and it required the staff to come into the room to fix without time being stopped, so that was a little bit of a bummer. We were unfortunately on our final puzzle when time ran out and feel like we could have escaped without the technical issue.

Overall, everyone still seemed to have a lot of fun, the rooms felt well designed and decorated, though there were a lot of “do not touch” stickers in Knight’s Quest.